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Tuesday, March 9



  1. Bed requirements
    • Number of ICU beds per hospital should depend on type of services available in the hospital as well as the needs of the community.
    • Ranges from 2-6% of total number of hospital beds

  1. working area about 200sq. ft/bed.
  2. Open concept is highly preferred.
  3. placing of bed in semi-circular position.
    • All patients can be viewed from the nursing station.

  1. Windows located near the bed.
  2. Day light in ICU.
  3. Nursing station with central monitor ( optional ).
  4. Sister’s office.
  5. Male and female changing room with toilet and shower facilities.
  6. Common rest rooms.
  7. Treatment / preparation room.
  8. Mini laboratory for essential test e.g. ABG, BUSE.
  9. Sluice room.
  10. Pantry.
  11. Reception / conference room and library.
  12. Waiting room for immediate family members.
  13. Store room
  14. Isolation room.
  15. Doctor’s room.
  16. Family waiting room.

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