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Sunday, November 28

Intimate Talk!

It's easy to put if off, but there are huge benefits for you - and your man. So make sex a regular daily routine... just like brushing your teeth!

Good sex is truly wonderful. The warmth of his skin, his smell, the whisper of his mouth across yours. It's a meeting of minds, bodies and souls, a mutual, profound bonding that penetrates us to our very core. The only problem is, long-term relationships can be a kiss of death to regular sex. Ask anyone who's been married for years. No one seems to have time for it anymore. It's so difficult to muster up the interest or the energy to regard sex as a normal part of life. Other important things seem to take precedent - like our work, house chores and, er the telly.

(Quick) sizzling moves to jump-start your sex life
Realise there's probably nothing wrong with the relationship if the sight of your partner's body doesn't always send you into a frenzy. Sex requires effort. Try something new. Take turns giving each other massages. Stop blaming each other or your work for your low desire. Making love means making time. Pick a day(s) when you want to get physical and stick to it. Studies show the more you anticipate sex, the higher your pleasure factor. Talk each other up. Low self-esteem and sex don't mix. You need to feel good about yourself - and you can help each other with this. Also define your sexual needs, share your findings - and try fulfilling them.
If you're simmering because he hasn't helped with the household chores, you aren't going to feel especially loving towards him. Thrash it out - then trash it out. Love, like everything, needs to be balanced.Your partner should be as committed as you are in the relationship. Clear your mind and make space for sex. Why worry about work at 10.30pm? They're not paying you for that. Get your priorities right. Turn off the phone, clear a space, and then concentrate on your lover and you. Relocate. Bring back early days of lust - the sofa, shower, kitchen table, and car. When the urge strikes, don't think. Just do it. Set the alarm a little earlier and make love first thing in the morning. Testosterone levels are highest when we first wake up and decreases as the day progresses. Remember, sex is one of life's challenges. It's supposed to be fun and one of the few areas where adults can play. So turn off the TV and turn on each other!


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